May 7, 2015

On Location & In Studio with Kansas City-based GreenEarth Cleaning

This winter we did a shoot for GreenEarth Cleaning, a sustainable dry cleaning company based in Kansas City, Missouri. GreenEarth needed a library of images shot both in studio and on location for their and their affiliates' use. 

In studio, we shot a number of items that GreenEarth cleans, restores and repairs, as well as some lifestyle imagery. A few of our location shots were a little tricky since we needed to capture summertime images, and the high that week was only 14 degrees. Brrrr... That's where rock-star talent and running cars ready for you to jump into and warm up come into play!

All in all, the shoot was great fun and the client got exactly what they'd hoped for. Isn't that what it all comes down to?

Check out some of the final images below.

This family is dressed appropriately
for the COLD weather.

You would never guess that it's the middle
of winter based on their smiling faces!

You can feel good about GreenEarth Cleaning since they use
sustainable practices and no hazardous chemicals.

GreenEarth Cleaning – quick and convenient.

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