Oct 28, 2014

We Were "Fearless" for Blue Cross Blue Shield

Not long ago Sullivan Higdon & Sink asked us to collaborate on a project for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City. The idea was to regionalize BCBS's national "Fearless" campaign so it resonated with segments of the Kansas City market.

We had four images to shoot at three different locations in two days — a young girl playing in the rain, two men running in a park, a family grilling dinner outside their home and a woman out for a jog.

The shoot had to be postponed due to severe thunderstorms and flash flood warnings, which meant we had to create our own rain for our young talent to play in. Ironic, we know... But lucky for us, we know a guy who can make it rain!

Our trusty rainmaker, Dan, wetting down the set.
We battled the heat after the rain by having the ice cream man swing by. If you read our last blog post, it might seem like ice cream is becoming a theme around here. 

We called in reinforcements for the heat – the ice cream truck!
Ann Alcasabas, Nick Kinney, Rachel Chrisman and Jon Knowing of SHS were a blast to work with. The talent was great fun and didn't mind running up and down hills, sprinting over and over again, standing over a hot grill or splashing in puddles.
Our crew on location #2 for image #4.
Check out a few of the final billboards which can be found around the Kansas City metro area.

And...our cute talent on the BCBSKC website.

Oct 14, 2014

I Scream, You Scream...

Summertime heat = dilly bars, ice cream cakes and blizzards. Right? At least it did for us!

We had oodles of fun working on a tasty lifestyle shoot for Dairy Queen with Barkley. Dairy Queen needed a library of images to showcase some clean, summer fun. Working on location in the Kansas City metro area, we spent a few days tempting ourselves with sundaes, blizzards, burgers, fries and more... 

Check out some behind the scenes images, as well as a few of the final campaign picks!

Blizzards for the win!
Capturing casual family dining at its best.
You totally want a Dairy Queen ice cream cake for your next birthday, don't you?
Blizzards make my heart sing. Just like you, honey.