Jun 14, 2010

Serving, Service, Served...

If there is something in your life that has brought you great joy and reward the least you can do is give back to it. It doesn't have to be cool or hip, it just has to mean something to you.

Sure, volunteering to walk abandoned puppies and feeding orphans are noble and heartfelt gestures, but what about the things that helped shape you personally?

As anyone who knows me would confirm, I'm crazy about [ice] Hockey. I have been playing for over 30 years, coaching for over 8 and have been a lifelong fan. The sport has brought me pain and joy but overall has brought me life experiences that have helped to shape the person I am proud to be today. As a result I am a co-founder of the MAHSHL and sit on the board as well as actively involved with the development of youth hockey in the metro area.

Once we identify the things that have shaped us and made us the people we are it is our duty to take the hand off and provide the same opportunities to grow that we were afforded.

Jun 11, 2010

My Favorite NHL Playoff Quote of All Time..

I had to put this up. Its a testament to how exhausting a Stanley Cup run is...

[2009] This is Pittsburgh's Maxim Talbot the morning after their 3OT win in detroit and a commute back to Pittsburgh...

"Yeah, I haven't woke up too long ago," Talbot said. "But yes, you go to bed late and you play a lot of hockey, but there's some more hockey to be left, to be played. So obviously, mentally, you feel good and you know that you have to focus on Game 6, and physically you just try to do what's going to make you feel better. But I think, physically, it's more mentally than anything, if you can understand what I'm saying. Because I can't."

Jun 8, 2010

Regading smart phones and intimacy...

I'm not here to lobby against smart phones by any means. I use mine all day every day and am quite convinced that my life would end if I ever lost it.

However, I feel like I am seeing more and more that it is hindering true human interaction. I am a fan of meeting people on twitter that I may never meet in person. I can share ideas with like minded people and argue points with those that are not. I can also keep up casually with people I may not have had the time to keep up with in the past.

What concerns me is the inability for people to let it go. One should not be engaged in social media while:
1. Driving
2. Engaging in conversation
3. Enjoying "quality time"
4. While "moments" are happening

I mean, really. How many people will not remember significant moments in their lives because they were too busy tweeting about it. I guess it started with the video camera about 25 years ago. Wanting to SHARE the moment so badly that we forget to LIVE the moment.