Jan 27, 2015

Ballin' with the University of Kansas Men's & Women's Basketball Teams

Last fall, we collaborated with Muller Bressler Brown on a shoot for the University of Kansas men's football team. That project lead to us shooting the 2014-2015 University of Kansas men's and women's basketball teams as well. Boy, did we have a ball! Pun intended. :) 

We even had the opportunity to shoot all of the Championship rings KU has won over the years. It was pretty cool to see those up close!

Check out some of the behind the scenes images that were captured on this adventure at Allen Fieldhouse in Lawrence, KS.

These ladies can jump!

Part of the KU Women's Basketball Team.

The KU Men's Basketball Team in retro uniforms.

All of the University of Kansas Basketball Championship Rings.
The case is nearly full. So cool!

Take a seat and wave the wheat!

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