Sep 23, 2014

Passion Meets Profession: Minnesota Wild NHL Hockey Shoot

What's better than being able to intertwine your passion and your profession? Nothing. That's what happened when we were asked to work with Olson in Minneapolis, MN on some wicked awesome concepts for the Minnesota Wild NHL Hockey team.

As an added bonus, the below image went viral when the Wild met the Chicago Blackhawks in the NHL playoffs as scores of Wild fans posted the image to their Facebook pages in support of their team.

Colby also captured some motion footage while on location, then partnered with 19below to cut these 15's:
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We wrapped the shoot with this group picture. Amazing, right?

L to R are Colby Lysne (Paul Stanley), Mark Pakulski (Art Producer & Ace Frehley), Matt Lundmark (Account Executive), Derek Bitter (Creative Director) and Dan Erickson (Art Director).

Check you next time!

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